& Decontamination Services - Environmentally Friendly Deep Cleaning Solutions
Whats involved in thorough carpet cleaning?  At Eco Extreme Clean we have a five stage process: 

Stage 1 Inspection and spot clean.
Initial Inspection, checking for colour fastness, fabric composition, and general condition of carpet. Spot spray and clean.  

Stage 2 Vacuum.
Vacuum using twin motor powerful commercial vaccum's
Edge trim removing lose nylon backing threads, neaten up edges, paint and gum removal. 

Stage 3 Soil Agitation 
Traffic lanes are sprayed with Traffic Lane Cleaner, left to activate with soiling in carpet and then scrubbed according to carpet composition. We have a dedicated traffic lane agitation soil scrubber with both clockwise and anti-clockwise cylindrical brushes. Up to 750 R.P.M.

Stage 4 Rinse & Extract soiling. 
Hot Water Extraction (H.T.E.). Our commercial grade H.W.E. machine in 2014) was voted as the most powerful (twin motor) portable extraction machine in the U.K market. NB: It's about what soiling we extract out through powerful vacuums.   

Stage 5
We brush the pile in one direction, leaving your carpets looking lovely!  

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