& Decontamination Services - Environmentally Friendly Deep Cleaning Solutions
At Eco Extreme Clean we have a reputation for cleaning ovens to 'like new' condition. Without prompting, customers often tell us that 'I have a new oven'. 

Carbon is apparently the hardest known substance known to man. At Eco Extreme Clean we provide the following deep oven cleaning services for both domestic and commercial oven cleaning;

We make use of a heavy duty degreaser which is 100% classified as a  non-irritant. This is sprayed upon all walls of the ovens. We soak the predetermined items to be cleaned. 

We steam clean with a commercial high bar pressure steamer. 

Besides ovens, we also steam clean your hob, and extraction hood. We clean or replace your hood filter. 

We also can deep clean the grill tray, removing all carbon from sides underneath and including in the corners! 

We clean the shelves. If the surface is already been pitted, usually caused by salt on metal erosion, sadly we cannot do anything about that. 

Where possible, we remove the front glass panels and soak  and clean them. 

We remove the rear fan cover. This is due to build up of carbon deposits that may cause a fire risk and clean both the cover the rear wall and the fan itself. 

We clean the wall above the heating element. We clean the element itself the light cover and the temperature gauge. 

Finally upon reassembly, we polish the stainless steel to make it sparkle! 

For COMMERCIAL oven cleans we include a film test, we also check that the ducting is accessible to clean every meter and also the extraction fan is cleaned. For insurance fire purposes, a certificate is issued and validated for a specific period according to usage. 

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